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Opening up your Vocal Folds/Cords & Daily Vocal Warm ups!!!


Below is my assignment for one of my new singer, and I know that it would be beneficial for a lot of you, even if you just only work with your voice by speaking it!

This week’s intention for your voice lesson, is to know how to open up your vocal folds/cord, and do the breathing excercises, it is really hard to pick the best video out there that won’t lead you in the incorrect direction and have the closed up effect, when our goal is all about opening up your vocal folds right before we sing.  Hope the videos below can make a difference for you.

My class and structure is all about being open, our body is our instrument, so I incorporate yoga into singing, the more open your body is, the more your voice expands, so this week your assignment is to find out what & how to open your body up?  Dance, Spiritual Practice, Running, Yoga, Anything that can free your Heart up, it can free your Mind and Body up!  That makes a difference!
Daily Vocal Warm Up & Excercise:
(If you can warm up at least 3 times per week work up to 5 times then daily, when it’s daily, it really can make a difference.
For this week, since we’ve only had one voice lesson, please only do two excercises so you don’t hurt yourself, I still have more to teach you so you know how to protect your vocal cord/folds when you sing.  Please make sure you inhale knowing you open up your vocal folds by opening the mouth with “Ah” big enough to put two fingers vertically in your mouth  dropped down, then inhale feeling the drop, you have just created room to sing!  Do this with every inhalation before each phrase!  Warm Up Safely Builds Strength!  Eventually we’ll need to warm up for at least 30min to have the voice be warmed.  Once we’re warmed up, we can be in tune more easily like a dancer or an athlete!

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