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Creating Fun Play Ease for our album project!

Hello Friends, Singers, Pianists, Parents and Musicians,


I am in the process of producing my solo album and my students singer songwriter album that will be sold on iTunes, CD baby and distribution company that will deliver it internationally and play on radio stations.


When producing or involving in a huge project, a lot of self stuff occurs for us to deal with, work on and become a stronger human being, it gives us the opportunity to expand ourselves, our soul, our body, mind and spirit.


“Sometimes the reason we’re stuck has to do with the incessant and negative self-talk we can sometimes assault ourselves with as vocalists pianists and musicians. Take a step back. Remember the first day you fell in love with singing and making music”?

Joey Elkins in Outside the Box with Your Performance’.


So what do you do when you are stuck in your head with negative self talk?


I would love for you to share it with me and everyone, so we all can benefit from it.


I am dealing with it constantly, so to be the best producer, voice coach, mentor I can be, I am taking on a course called “The Wisdom Course” to open up my view, and to have access to dealing with success and failure in a positive more powerful way, and most of all to learn to enjoy the process (as I always just want to get the result, and I forget to being in the moment and really have fun while doing it) and this course provides how to bring fun ease and play when we’re in a situation where it can be sooooo significant.


It is a 10 months course, so I am excited to share it with you as we ride this Album creating journey : )


Happy Carmaggedon!!!!  Walk more, bike more, rest from driving : )



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