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Hi everyone,

I am sorry I have postponed the vision board creation long enough!

To set the tone for the summer & our new school year, I am hosting a vision board party on August 12th.
time: 2pm – 5pm
where: (address and parking info forthcoming)
what: vision board creation to invoke visions for 2012 ~ 2013
    – please bring:
         – a bunch of magazines that you are cool about cutting up & sharing with others
           with images that may inspire you and or others…
         – scissors and glue sticks and a piece of 11×14 cardboard
food/drink story: 
    – there will be some juice and pizza from me…
    – any of you interested in bringing some cheese, crackers and chocolates
    – please bring whatever you would like to drink, eat, nosh, share
optional to bring:
    – musical instruments
    – favorite ipod/iphone music to share…. (with your speakers or my MacBook)
Please let me know if you would be participating, RSVP by leaving a comment by August 1st, 2012 so I have time to prepare.
Thank you,
Ms. Agnes

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