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The Chosen Students are going to produce their first album with producer produced No Doubt, The Cranberries, Sting, and many great artists

  1. Keenan has written songs for the television soap “Another World” and his coDearBarry Keenanmpositions have also been placed in the NBC TV show “Passions.”
  2.     As a solo writer/artist, or as the leader of Invisible Poet Kings, Barry Keenan and his music have been heard on radio stations from coast to coast such as KROQ in Los Angeles, and WBCN in Boston.  His song “Clean White Shirt” is certified gold on Sirius Satelite Radio’s Starlite channel.
  3.     Along with his career as a songwriter and artist, Keenan has also spent time behind the mixing board as a recording engineer/mixer and a recorImaged producer, working on a wide variety of recorded music from a range of artists as diverse as Warren Zevon, The Cranberries, Sting, Pantera, Meatloaf, Robert Cray, No Doubt, Bush, Jennifer Paige, Beck, Bruce Hornsby, Tears For Fears, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Joan Osborne, Bad Religion, Devo, White Zombie, and Adam Ant, to name a few. Barry Keenan’s producer web site can be found at

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