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Singers who wants to experience being professional, getting paid and exposure! Opportunity opens up Starting tomorrow!!

Hello Singers,


Ms. Agnes has created a workshop to promote you on stage as artist like Adele, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, …etc.

We still have few more openings for you to join us, the workshop starts tomorrow Sunday, February 26th, and go till April.  There will be a total of four workshops.

The singers workshop will be featured in LA Weekly, and perform in Hollywood.

You’ll get a chance to work on your own songs, or any songs you pick.

We’ll have Motoko Honda, our musical director to work with you on song writing, if you are singing your own composition, she’ll work with you on keys and musical approach.

And I will coach you on vocal techniques, character development, phrasing, and stage performance!

The tuition for the workshop is $100

If interested in participating, please message Ms. Agnes for studio address!

Here’s are a few reviews of Motoko Honda:

“Keyboard alchemist Motoko Honda, whose mix of piano and electronics is a sonic adventure all her own.” Chris Barton-Los Angeles Times

“Virtuoso technique paired with her intensely imaginative mind” “constantly shifting sonic landscape of striking beauty” Susan Dirende-LA Splash Magazine

“Embodiment of a Muse”  “At times she puffed up some Matthew Shipp storm clouds; at times she pounded wit ha grandeur and structure worthy of Prokofieve; her spare strokes on a tiny synthesizer added subtle dimension….Honda is a treasure” Greg

“Imagine Radiohead teaching Franz List how to rock a KAOSS pad; or John Cage facing off with Bud Powell over prepared piano”  Matthew

“Motoko Honda is a truly gifted and versatile artist. Her solo performance last year at the South Pasadena Music Center was truly one of the most stirring, beautiful, and eloquent things I have heard in years.” Nels Cline-Wilco, The Nels Cline Singers “Motoko’s music is a direct, real-time expression of the Cosmos, the Mystery, whatever It is. To be able to feel this so strongly from a single human playing a grand piano is a moving and unforgettable experience.” Matt Piper-Musician, Author

“Motoko combines clear precision with a nuanced interpretation to animate a composition’s personality.” James Grigsby-Composer

Ms. Agnes’ Bio:

Agnes has been singing and playing the piano since the age of two. She was accepted in Taiwan’s prestigious national children’s choir BBC at the age of eleven. With BBC, she toured Taiwan, sang on TV, radio, and at the two national theaters in Taipei. After moving to the U.S in 1989, she continued her studies in western classical singing. In 1996, Ms. Chu sang on the Warner Brother’s motion picture “Mars Attacks” soundtrack and had the opportunity to work with Danny Elfman. In 1999, she went on a London tour with the International Alliance for Women in Music. In 2004, she sang on and composed music for a yoga DVD called “Awaken Your Power, Yoga with Astrid” starring the celebrity yoga instructor Astrid Kastenberg. She has also served as a music advisor for Walt Disney Book & Print English Department in 2008.

Ms. Chu holds a BFA degree in Vocal Performance from California Institute of the Arts. Agnes has taught voice and piano for twelve years. She is adept at adjusting a structured curriculum to the individual needs and talents of her students. Good musicianship, healthy technique, and joy in music are top priorities in her teaching. From 2000-2007, she operated Agnes Sing Vocal Studio and Happy Kids Music School in Encino and Woodland Hills, Ca. She is a member of MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California), and through her membership, offered enrollment in the Certificate of Merit program.


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