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The Final Week to Register for Student Recital (Tustin & Thousand Oaks)

Hello Parents & Students,


Just a reminder for the students who are interested in participating in our  Oct “Garden of Songs” Recital and Nov “Songs of Dedication” the registration fee of $20 cash is due this week at your lesson.


Please bring the following:

1. $20 Reg. fee cash to Ms. Agnes

2. karaoke track of the songs you’re performing, if you’re singing with an accompanist, please provide copies of the songs your performing for the accompanist.

3. Song title & the composers of the songs you’re singing.

4. a brief paragraph (please type it out) of what has you choose the song or piece that you’re performing.  Hope the following questions can help you write it out.

  • who you’re dedicating the piece or song to?
  • what the song means to you
  • what the song or piece is about
5. All performers must have their music memorized for both Pianist and Singers
The following students are registered and paid:
  • Amanda
  • Desiree
  • Jenna
  • Yoko
  • Bryana
  • Mia
  • Roberto
Thank you, and I’ll see you in class!
Ms. Agnes



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