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To Contact Ms. Agnes/Emails only

Hello Parents, Students and Friends,


If you need to reach me, please contact me through email or through the blog.

My phone is off for the next few days, will receive a replacement soon!

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!


See you in class!


  Erica wrote @

Hi Agnes,
Can you let me know the name of the books I need to get for Isabel, please? Thanks!

  papillonsongs wrote @

I will give the list to Isabel in class tomorrow, and you can purchase them this coming week.
Can Isabel perform with us on Oct 9th? Thank you!

  Erica Linhares wrote @

Thank you, Agnes. Isabel has a birthday party on the 9th, in the afternoon. I’ll ask her what she wants to do and will let you know.


  papillonsongs wrote @

Thank you Erica!

  Andrea Fleishon wrote @

As far as number of guests…If I keep it to me, grandma & grandpa=3 but my sister and boyfriend may want to come too…could be up to 5 of us.

I will look for the karaoke tracks tonight. Thanks

  papillonsongs wrote @

perfect! 5 is awesome!!!

  Andrea Fleishon wrote @

I just subscribed to your site. Do I have to purchase a karaoke track for connie to sing her Annie songs with or will you be playing piano? Do I buy them from i-tunes and e-mail them to you?

Also, how many guests can I bring to the recital?

  papillonsongs wrote @

Yes, please have Connie practice singing with the karaoke track and see if she’s comfortable with that.

If she feels better with an accompanist/pianist to play for her, we will have one there for the show.

There is an Accompanist Fee, once I find out the fee from the accompanist, will let you know.

How many guests do you have? I want to say please bring as many as you want, but please let me check with our host, and see how many we can have.

Thank you!

  papillonsongs wrote @

Yes, I usually order it from i-tune, and please burn it on a CD that I can put it on the ipod that is going to be used for the performance! (If she chooses to sing with the karaoke track)

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