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Original Visual Music, globally co-created performance

 “Migrations’ – a project with Los Angeles based artists introducing immersive dome multi-arts experiences

From The HA!News:

I became connected to No’a Winter Lazarus., based in Hollywood, who used to be a top-cream sound engineer, working along with the super bands. Yet at some point he decided to follow a deeper path of creativity and is now spearheading this project of which i am glad to be a part of.


In his words: “The Project “Migrations” is an original Visual Music, globally co-created performance. “Migrations” is designed for a new theatrical experience utilizing The Vortex Immersive Dome Theaters which can also travel anywhere to create unique location performances. Composers No’a Winter Lazerus and Francois le Roux (HA!Man) along with Visual Artist and visionary Audri Phillips and four extraordinary “Guest Artists”, Sonja Drakkulich, Benjii Simmersbach, Octavius and Spencer Ludwig, will explore the nature and concept of migrations. From the remarkable epic journeys of birds and whales going from one part of the Earth to another, to the micro-movements of genetics, DNA, atoms, and viruses. From the diasporas of whole peoples and cultures, with the shifting and sharing of ideas, philosophies, languages and even the emotions of the human heart, to nature’s weather patterns, and the dance of planets, seeds and stars. The show consists of two 40 minute long original visual music performances involving artists from around the world… The first performance will be held in Los Angeles on Nov. 6th, in the Vortex Dome Theater at the LA Center Studios. All of the artists will be gathered for the event from their various home worlds to express their vision here in Los Angeles. It is our exciting first step and we ask you to be a part of creating this possibility for new ways to offer extraordinary event experiences.”


If you would like to become part of this process and contribute to this cutting edge initiative, there is a range of unique bonuses for you on offer. Find out more and support one of today’s leading innovations: go to Hope it excites you too! (For more general information, go here)

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