self discovery & expression

Agnes Chu and many more Artists*Opening Reception at Balconi Coffee 9.11.11 5-10PM

FORTUNE 100 is a group show of art inspired by the random message
drawn from fortune cookies. All artwork is sized at 8 x 8 inches and
priced at $100 each.Featuring: Douglas Alvarez, Juna Amano, Michael Arata, Daniel
Michelle Borok, Neysa Bove, Peter Brooker, Peter Carvalho, Agnes Chu,
Luke Chueh, Shigenori Ebata,
Doug Eisenstark, Charles Ellinwood, Bill Farroux, Eddie Garcia, Walt
Hall, Clement Hanami, Denise Hung, Aska Irie, Ichiro Irie, Ina
Jungmann, Ayumi Kim, Jiwon Kim, Keith Knight, Michelle Lai, Kaoru
Mansour, Yuki Miyazaki, Douglas McNamee, Jon Measures, Misato Nagare,
Eric Nakamura, Aya Niibo, Didi Ol, Mia Paul,
Carol Powell, Hitoshi Saito, J Salvador, Marcee Sanchez, Ray Sato,
Angela Song, Ken Tanaka, Mayumi Tanaka, Andrew Taylor, Kelly Thompson,
Fred Zolan and more…

triple your luck by inviting friends☆☆☆☆☆

FORTUNE 100-Artists inspired by the fortune cookie messages

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