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Hints for Sightreading Success by Faber Piano Adventures/Student Assignments

Assignment for ALL:

Sightreading for both pianist and vocalist:

Sightreading means to play through a piece without earlier practice.

Hints for Success:

1. Set a steady beat by counting one “free measure”

2. Keep your eyes on the music.

3. Play rather slowly, always moving your eyes ahead.

Assignment for individual:



Sight Sing-

1 rhythm number 2 pitch number 6

2. Alice and My Immortal.



Sight Sing, rhythm #1, 2 & Pitch #5, 6

2. Vocabulary:

Bass clef, also known as f clef, it names the fourth line of the bass clef.

3. Porcelain Heart & My Immortal

Piano: Both girls are getting caught up with 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths.


1. Define accent > (put it on a flash card)

is to emphasize or stress a note.

2. Song “Change”

3. Rhythm #2, Pitch #6


1. Sightreading:

rhythm #1 & Pitch #5

2. Vocabulary:

accent > which is to emphasize or stress a note. (put it on a flash card)

3. La Vie En Rose

P.10 listen to Lady Piaf do the phrasing on the introduction.

4. La Vie En Rose, Sing from Measure 9-14 five times per practice.


Sight Sing: finished Lesson 1

O Cessate Di Piagarmi, listen to Jose Carreras and Cecelia Bartoli for phrasing, tone, and diction.

Have a great vacation, Yoko!!!


Have fun, everyone with the sight sing practice both on piano and singing.

Stay tuned for more!!!

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