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How to Practice Piano/Student Assignment

As with any skill you want to learn, practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better your playing will become and – the most important thing – the more you will enjoy it.




Things You’ll Need
  • Pianos
  • Sheet Music For Piano
  • Keyboards
  • Piano Stool
    • 1

      Play every day. It will improve your playing much more than just practicing once a week.

    • 2

      Flex your fingers to make them supple before starting to play.

    • 3

      Warm your hands if they are cold.

    • 4

      Choose times to play when you can be by yourself. Nothing is worse than having other people listen while you are learning to play.

    • 5

      Start playing everything slowly. When you can play the piece evenly and smoothly, gradually work up to the right speed. You won’t get it right if you start out too fast.

    • 6

      Try to learn something new every week. Don’t be discouraged if you are not getting everything right the first few times around.

    • 7

      Be patient. Make sure you can play every piece smoothly before you go on to the next tune.

    • 8

      If you have problems with one particular part, practice that part separately until you’ve mastered it, then try the whole tune all the way through.

    • 9

      Try to play keeping your eyes on the music, not on your hands or the keyboard.

    • 10

      Polish your playing. Correct mistakes before they become bad habits.

    • 11

      Relax by playing music you already know. Enjoy yourself.

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1. Listen to “O Del Mio Dolce Ardor” by Gluck sung by Sumi Jo, and listen for the expression and phrasing of the aria.  Turn off all the lights, be in the dark room, with headphones on to be focused and enjoy!!!  Let me know what you discover each day as you listen to it.

2. Learn about Maria Callas, her career as an Opera Diva and her personal life, how to two intertwined with eachother.

3. Translate “O Del Mio” lyrics and share with me in our next class.  Thank you!


1. Lesson Book P8

left hand rhythm- memorize.

2. Sing and play the 1st measure of Mockingbird, 11x per practice.  Memorize the left hand part.

3. Correct F Major and G Major, add treble clef.

4. Get a practice calendar at least as big as 5×7″/


Reading other students’ assignment may benefit you too, we are all on the same team!!!

Thank you, enjoy your Wednesday, more to come!!!!


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