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How to Use the Yawning Method for Singing/Assignment of July 28th & 30th

Knowledge for everyone, try it, it may be good use for you too even if you’re not a voice student & Assignments to follow:

Vocalization and projection are important skills for performers to learn, and there are many methods out there that singers can apply and practice. One such technique is the Yawning Breath Method. It helps singers not only learn to vocalize and project their voices better, but also teaches them how to breathe properly. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity; it really is a powerful tool for improving one’s skill, and can also be used as a vocal warm-up exercise.

    • 1

      Breathe deeply in preparation for the yawning method.

    • 2

      Stand and open your mouth wide.

    • 3

      Take a deep breath. Make sure this breath is taken from your diaphragm, and not a shallow breath from the lungs.

    • 4

      Let out a loud yawn. Vocalize on your feelings through the yawn.

    • 5

      Repeat three or four times.

    • 6

      Relax, and try again if you do not get the desired effect right away.

Read more: How to Use the Yawning Method for Singing |

If you need more guidance on the Yawning method, ask me in class.  For singers, we do this for every lesson when we vocalize.

Assignments for individuals:

Layla & Kayla:


1. Sight read-rhythm & pitch, you wrote it down on your practice journal.

2. Vocabulary- barline & accent.


3. work on 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths, circle, color them and play them.

Layla: (Songs for studio recording possibility)

1. “My Immortal” keep singing with the singer until it’s comfortable to do w/o the singer.

2.  Practice “Pieces” with RED.  “Alice” “I need you to love me” “Catch Me”


1. “My Immortal” sing well with karaoke track.

2. Find karaoke track for “Mirror” “Procelain Heart”


1. Practice sight reading on rhythm P.10 #2 and Pitch on P.11 #6

2. Memorize flash cards on “Accent >” and “Bar Line”.

Thank you everyone, and have a great rest of the weekend!!!!

See you Monday!!!!


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