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Importance of Sight-Singing/Assignments for students July 24th-27th

For all students:

Sight singing can be defined as the ability to accurately read and sing the pitches, rhythms, and words of a musical piece at first sight.  Achieving competent sing-sing skills is a component of becoming a complete musician.  Research has shown that regular sight-singing practice, for even small amounts of time, will improve skills in all areas of musicianship.

Assignment for individual student:

July 24, 2011


1. Min-go 123454321

2. Bu:i 5432, 1234, 54321

3. Vo-vo-vo 13531

all technique/warm ups are recorded on your keyboard.

Practice M/W/F

4. Sight Sing practice:

P.10 #1, P11 #5

July 25, 2011


1. Define all your vocabulary on

2. Memorize the musical vocabulary of Accent > and the definition on your flash card.

3. Practice sight sing P. 10#1 and P11 #5

4. Please make flash card on quarter note, quarter rest, treble clef, treble clef do and treble clef re.

5. Bring your favorite song to our next class, sheet music and karaoke track of the song.


1. Lesson Book 3A Mockingbird, do the rhythm for both hands separately P8, left hand first 2 fingers (finger #5 &1) do the rhythm 11x.  First, master the left hand before going to R.H.

2. P7 Broken CHords 3rd apart, memorize F, C and G Major.

3. Please add all the clefs for key of G Major, and F Major.

4. Bring your musical practice calendar.

5. Put blocked and broken chords on flash cards and bring it to next class.


1. Share what you discovered with going from chest voice to sing high notes on Fireworks.


1. Put definition on all your flash cards.


2. For the beauty of the earth, count aloud the rhythm (R.H & L.H)

3. Bring “Shy” next week.

Tiara: Practice M/W/F

1. Vocalise

2. Practice Jar of hearts.

3. Practice Hey soul sister.

July 26th, 2011


Sight Sing P. 10#1, P11 #5

Practice on M/W/F

Please bring all your pencil eraser and color pencils to class.


1. Memorize Musical Vocabulary:

Accent >

= to emphasize or stress a note.

2. Sight-Sing Lesson 1 6x on M/W/F

P10 #1 on rhythm

P11 #5 on Pitch

all recorded on the digital recorder 01/01


Practice 11x on M/W/F

Zizinha- hands together on 1st page, break it down with 1e&a, 2e&a and use your body till it sink in to your body.


1. Google “Why yawning should be called singing?” Why is yawning good for opening your vocal cord?

2. Sight Sing 13x M/W/F P10 #1, P11 #5

3. SIng your two songs for August recital.

Kieran: Practice M/W/F

1. Technique hands together P5 #3 (in your head count running, half note, whole note 3-4 with repeat sign)

2. Lesson Book P8. 10X

July 27th, 2011


1. Bring the requirements for Interlochen summer camp.

2. Practice sight sing P. 10 #1 and P11#5 M/W/F

3. Bring sheet music of “Gorgeous” to next class.

4. Listen to some of the Coloratura arias on youtube, Mandy Maspie on Rossini.

Page 49 and Se Tu M’ami.


Practice below M/W/F

1. Vocalise

2. Sight Sing P. 10 #1 & P11 #5

3. Seufzer: First do the entire song on Lip Trills, then say the title over and over till it’s comfortable to sing it.

Alyssa: Practice M/W/F 7x on below tasks.

1. Vocalise

2. Lesson 1 sight sing P.10#1 and P.11 #5

3. Practice Do-Re-Mi especially the part where we call out Do, Re, Mi


Alright, enjoy your Wednesday, I’ll update more later : )


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