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When buying a used musical instrument/Assignment of July 19th & 20th

There are advantages to buying a used music instrument. For one, you may be able to find a good quality instrument at a lower price than buying a new one. On the other hand, there are also some risks involved when buying a used instrument. One downside is you usually don’t get any warranties, unless the used instrument is fairly new.When buying a used musical instrument there are three things you should keep in mind:

1. Who and Where
A good factor to determine an instruments’ condition is to know who previously owned it. If you’re buying it from a garage sale, then you might be able to meet the owner and ask him why he/she is selling it, how long it was used, etc. If you’re buying it from an online shop, make sure they have a good customer satisfaction rating or better, a return policy. If you’re buying it from a music store, ask the salesperson if it’s possible to know the name of its previous owner, how long it’s been in the store, etc.

2. Overall Condition
If possible, ask someone who knows a lot about music instruments to accompany you. Maybe you have a friend who plays the instrument you want to learn or a music teacher in your area who’s willing to help you. They can help assess whether the instrument is in good condition by playing it, listening to how it sounds and how it feels while they’re playing it.

3. Value for your Money
Make sure that the money you’re paying for the used instrument is worth it. Research first how much the instrument costs if it’s brand new; go to different shops, compare prices, compare the condition of the used instruments and assess whether it’s truly a good deal.


July 19th Assignments for individual students:


1. Create a calendar for piano practice, write down each specific practice.

2. Draw 10 F# in key of G Major per day.

Draw 10 Bb in key of F Major per day.

3. Put Blocked chords and Broken Chords on flash cards.

4. Play G, C and F Major broken chords 5x per day.

5. Transpose Lesson Book Page 7 on F and C Major, only play the transposition, no written notation.

6. Lesson Book Page 8, practice the top 2 exercises on rhythm 11x per day, especially the 2nd one, if it’s difficult, go back to the basics.


1. Please write down the start and end time of your practice, and put it on the actual calendar and show it to Ms. Agnes every class.

And show the specifics in the calendar.  Example: Zizinha measure 5-8 work on trills slowly with finger #. 11x per day.  At least M, W, F for practice.

2. Page 1 on Zizinha hands separately, I want to hear the entire page being played in our next class, please master measure 5-8.


1. Vaccai lesson I page 3 measure 1-8 #44 digital recorder.  Practice saying Hello Ms. Agnes with your head voice then sing from there.

2. Practice My favorite things.

3. Practice with your digital recorder on #43 on Sight Singing.  Notation is written in your manuscript paper.


1. Focus & Practice with 2 finger vertical down when you sing your song and vocalise.

2. On “Reflection” measure 33, hold inside on C, don’t change C while piano is change notes.


1. From the Pop Quiz on theory book page 10, we need to really practice listening tapping out rhythm.  So how to do that is practice theory book page 10 #5 7x per day M-F!

2. Let’s go over theory book, page 11 next class.

Congrats again on winning the Yogartland Gift Certificate from last week, Yay Bryana!!!

Assignment July 20th:


1. Purchase sheet music for “Crazy World” from Victor Victoria.

“Only He” Starlight Express and the Two songs from Charles Ives.


1. Vocalise with Voice CD daily.

2. See if you can also find the sheet music for “Zeufzer Thranen by Bach. and Listen to it on


1. Sing the “Do Re Mi” song with your Dad on guitar.


1. Grumpy Old Troll, before you play please check and ask yourself “which position are you in?”

play hands separately, don’t forget to play the middle on measure 4.

staccato notes-think about Hot Potatoes, too hot to stay on the keys too long.

Pop Quiz: Awesome Job 100% on it!

Theory: Checked and completed page 2 &3.  You played the slur steps and skips well!!!  Well Done!!!



1. Vocalise with Voice CD daily if not, at least M, W, F.

2. Sing “Price Tag” & “Fireworks”


1. Ode to Joy-make sure to read the notes correctly and play it with slur.

2. Make flash cards on slur and tie, and show it to Ms. Agnes in our next class.


Thank you everyone, have a great Thursday!!!


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