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Students’ winning a Pinkberry Gift Certificate/Assignment from July 11~15th!!!

Congrats to Bryana and Kieran for playing so well and won a gift certificate to Pinkberry!!!!


Do phrases begin and end gently?  Does the piece have a clear mood? (Sad, happy, etc)  Find expressive markings in the score.  Do you hear then when you sing/play?



Everything you sing this week, focus on Techinique:  Lifting the cheeks, we call it “Insight Smile” that allows the notes to be lifted.


Practice Vaccai with the digital recorder.



Practice the transition for “Jar of Hearts” and “Hey Soul Sister”


practice the transition bridge to chorus for “Distance Romance”



1. Reminder to bring a bag for all of your music books, recorder, pencil box with pencils, eraser, blank flash cards, bright colored pencils, small ruler.

2. Warm-up first with your recordings from class, then Vaccai measure 1~8, set a regular practice time and share it with Ms. Agnes in your next class.



1. Get sheet music for “Do re mi” from the sound of music and “Just the way you are”. or google search.

2. Bring a music bag and a recorder.


1. Purchase sheet music for “Memories” and “charlie Rutlage” by Charles Ives.  “Don’t cry for me Argentina”

2. Practice the scale.

3. Se tu ma’mi.

4. Practice your sight singing.


1. Check Theory P10 & 11 from June 21.

2. Two black keys with L.H (CDE) R. H (CDE) practice the crossing over with left hand smoothly.  THis is on the digital recorder #17.

3. Good Job on playing so well, you won a gift certificate of Pinkberry!


1. On digital recorder 01 & 02 Vocalising with it everyday.

2. Vaccai- 3rds Pg. 4 on “la”.

3. Reflection” Sing it/memorize it, please bring the music to class & your assignment binder.

4. Concone #4 Page 6


Do research on copyright/publishing.  Check out Ascap and BMI.

Continue to practice the Brazil piece, hands separately.


1. Vocalise with the voice CD.

2. Vaccai lesson I.

3. Bring a digital recorder to every class.


1. Draw and make a flash card on middle C, half note.

2. Make a flash card on “D” all in treble clef/G clef.

3. Vaccai- recorded on your mommy’s phone.

4. Do last weeks’ half note, on middle C on your staff paper.


1. Technique #3 page 5, hands separate with a repeat sign.  3X per day M, W, F 3 days 7 AM.

2. Focus on curving your knuckles.

3. Lesson Book: The Mermaid P8. Play R.H and L.H separately.  As for R.H measure 9, you go up an Octave.

4. Amazing Job on playing “The Juggler”, you won a Pinkberry gift certificate!!!!


Voice Lesson:

1. Vocalise 02/02 on your digital recorder:

a. Min-go min-go, min-go, mingo min (focus on vowel I:O)

b. Straw-be-rry (focus on Ah:E:I)

c. OO-ga, OO-ga, OO-ga (focus on vowel OO and Ah)

Practice the above-1x per day.

03/03 on digital recorder: Feed the BIrds, only practice Pg. 22 1st page with the recorder.  Focus on Intonation!!! : )


1. Required to always go to lesson book page 3 to check your position for playing the piano.

2. Lesson Book page 4, practice Finger Drill 8x per day.

3. Theory Book page 2 #1 & 2.  #3 is test with Ms. Agnes in our next class.


Have a great weekend, either get away or stay home since the 405 fwy is closing!!!

I will not be teaching until Monday : )

See you soon!!!!




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