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Balconi Coffee was in the L.A. Times/ My advanced students/vocalists performs here every two months!!!



Balconi Coffee was in the L.A TImes!!!! The coffee shop where my advanced singers performs!!!!  Amazing Art Opening Tonight with LOTS of STREET PARKING right INFRONT of BALCONI!!!! And one of the Artist is doing nails with Cool designs!!!! Come meet the Artists in person and have amazing Siphon Coffee & Pastry!!!!  ‎Balconi Coffee Company was in the L.A TImes yesterday July 14th, 2011!!! Yay, I am so proud and so happy!!! Congrats Ray Sato!!! Pls come taste amazing Siphon made from Ray!!! And Congratulate him : ) He is too humble so it’s easier for me to get excited and share!!!!

A new wave of Los Angeles-area cafes is brewing up more sophisticated flavors with a mix of methods. The result? A jolt to a coffee culture steeped in ho-hum tastes.

By Patrick Comiskey, Special to the Los Angeles Times



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