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Evaluate Your Body Alignment/ Assignment of July 9th~10th

Vocal Students:

Posture & Vocal Alignment:

Are you standing tall, chest and shoulder open?  Are you neck line straight and head straight?

Are you vowels 2 fingers open vertically?  Are you cheekbones lifted?  Are you inhaling with an “O” shape or inhaling through the nose for high notes, and having notes come from above the head?  Are you inhaling like a yawn?  Are you breathing from your front side and back muscles of your tummy?  Are you body open like a dancer?

Piano Students:

Posture & Hand Position:

Are you sitting straight or slouching?  Are your feet flat on the floor or on the stool?  Are you too close or too far from the piano?  Are your fingers curved?  Are the wrists on the same level as the rest of the hand?  Are your shoulders relaxed?



Bring digital recorder to every class, we need to record warm ups and Per la Gloria.

1. Vocalizing:  Chocolate  (1358, 531)

Purple  (1234, 5678, 7654, 321)

Jewelry (58531)

Summer-time  5432, 5432, 54321

2. Phantom of the Opera:  Focus on the highest note, the last note of last page.

Pay attention to the counting of the breath, breathe on rests so you can come in on 1.

3. Per la Gloria: memorize the first section of first page, practice with your phone recording.


1. Vaccai on solfege

2. Concone 50: #1, 2

3. Find all the verses for the Japanese song.


1. Vocalize with Lip Trills, if using CD, only use Lip Trills for all exercise.

2. This week’s practice is to practice speaking and singing with dropping vocal cord first, key to saving voice: speak softly and speak higher.

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