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What miraculous opening would you like to see in your everyday practice? Assignment of July 6th-7th~

For All:

What miraculous opening would you like to see in your everyday practice?  What’s missing in the result you want to see?

What can you bring into your practice that will rock your entire practice, and make a real difference for you?

(Something to ponder on and start seeing what can open up for you)


Think about whats your new goal Jan-Dec

Pieces by Red

My immortal by Evanescene

Alice by Avril Lavigne

I need you to love me by BarlowGirl

Catch me by Demi Lovato

concone pg. 14 lesson 12. intentionn A major scale

Never alone by BarlowGirl pg. 81

memorize finger number. 15 times play at 8pm. sing songs.


What is your goal from now to December?  What would you like to see before the break?

Make a choice to do the CD or not.

Porcelain Heart by BarlowGirl

Mirror by BarlowGirl

Enough by BarlowGirl

Here We Go Again by Demi Lovato

My Immortal by Evanescence

Piano, Never Alone the first three measures hands apart, 15x each hand!


1. Set practice time Monday through Friday 10AM ~ 11:00AM.

2. Define D.C. al Fine and put it on the flash card.

3. Transcribe to F

4. Play C Major Chord progression, G Major Chord progression and F Major Chord Progression.  11x/ memorize it all.

5. Theory Book, recheck #2C.


1. Bring a bag for all your music stuff (digital recorder, sheet music books, flash cards, color pencil at least 4 colors, regular pencil (4), ruler, eraser, and a pen)

2. We need to start having 45min class, 20min for singing, and 20min for piano.

3. Purchase a Voice CD with Ms. Agnes.

4. first thing in the morning, Warm up with digital recorder Folder 1 (01/01) there are 3 vocalizes with one ear training for sight singing.  Follow the staff paper you wrote down today.

5. Purchase a staff manuscript paper.


Welcome to our community and hope you’ll having an amazing singing journey with us!

1. This week practice breathing exercise:  Inhale with an “O” hold and expand tummy muscles, and count to 5, inhale again and do 5 set of this, at the end of the 5th set, exhale.

Please share with me in class next week, what you notice by doing it.


1. Copy flash cards.

2. Maybe interested in Certificate of Merit, will let Ms. Agnes know.

3. Interval of Thirds page 4 (Vaccai) have someone record your melody, so you can sing and practice with it.

4. First thing in the morning vocalize with voice CD #3-9.

5. Practice sight sing.


1. Get sheet music & karaoke track for Oklahoma “People will say we’re in Love”

2. Prep for Competitions as follows:

Spotlight, Scholarship, Certificate of Merit, Bach Festival, Contemporary Festival, V.O.C.E

3. Google: Charles Ives to get familiar with Contemporary Music.  Listen to “Down East”

4. Work on “Se Tu Ma’mi, sospiri measure 5-10 14x per day.

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