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Assignment of July 5th~

Assignment for everyone:  Every morning write down your daily goals in your creative life, what are you going to do today to fulfill your creative goals?  What are your end results? Besides writing it down, how can you bring honor to your word in fulfilling what you write down?  (Example: from 9am -1pm I will compose a song today, warm up for 30min, practice technique for 20min, sing my favorite songs, draw for 45min, take a walk in a beautiful park, smell the rose in the garden….etc.)

Please share it with me in class or through email or comment : )

All vocal students are required to purchase a voice CD from Ms. Agnes, please contact her about that.  All vocal students must vocalize with the CD daily first thing in the morning.
Assignment for privates:


1. We set up a practice time for Monday through Friday from 10:30am-11:30am, within the hour to practice the following:
a) Vocalize with the Voice CD #3-9 Intention to build intonation, and stronger vocal muscles…
b) VACCAI page 3 Lesson 1 The Scale, practice 13x per day, memorize measure 1-8.  Intention is to recognize what a scale is, and focus on interval: 2nds.

2. Make flash cards on: 2nds and define Intervals.


1. C Major scale:
    4 steps:
Step 1: Down to the bone
Step 2: Long short Long
Step 3: Short Long Short
Step 4: Fast <——>

2. Do some research on purchasing an 88 keys keyboard, weighted keys, touch sensitive…go visit piano stores….online price comparison. 

3. Copy Zizinha and put the copy of music in the music bag.

4. We set up our practice time for Monday through Friday 6:30-7:30am.
Intention:  Honor my word, makes me proud!  When I honor my word, I feel good about myself and what I accomplish today.

5. Zizinha: Practice first 8 measures, hands separately, 11x per day.
                 Practice trills first 4 measures, 11x.


Welcome to our community, hope this will be an amazing and exciting journey for you to grow as a wonderful singer/musician!!!

Practice Monday to Friday, can you set a regular time daily for practicing, please let me known what time you choose!

1. Purcahse a notebook for your singing journey, decorate it however you like and bring it to class to record class assignment.

2. Get a music bag to put all your music materials in there ready to go for each class.

3. Breathing Exercise:
a) body alignment:
lie down, back flat, knees with fist width apart, feet are aligned with shoulders, shoulders down, arms open, elbows out to the side, finger tips and thumbs on the side to feel the muscles.
b) mouth aligment:
inhale with an “o” shape, tongue forward.
c) tie your hair back or up so we can see your shoulder alignment.
d) when you inhale, tummy rises like a ballon, hold the air and count to 8 aloud, inhale again after counting to 8, do not exhale until exercise is over.  Do this 9x per day, 5 days per week.

6. Purchase a digital recorder to record each class.  Do not sing a capella right now.

7. All vocal students are required to purchase a voice CD from Ms. Agnes, please contact her about that.  All vocal students must vocalize with the CD daily first thing in the morning.

8. Purchase VACCAI & CONCONE for techniques.  Each week we’ll work from the two books.


Please set a regular practice time in the morning for daily (Monday through Friday) practicing, and let Ms. Agnes know right away.  Thank you.
1. Before playing any pieces, do the rhythm exercise on each piece.

2. Performance Book:  The Juggler page 2, play with repeat sign 9x per day/5 days.

3. Technique book #3 page 5, hands together, 9x per day/5 days.

4. Lesson Book page 8, The Mermaid, hands separately, 9x per day/ 5 days.

5. Theory Book Pg. 3


1. Define Intervals:  The distance between two notes.
(make a flash card)

2. Interval: 3rds (make a flash card)

3. Draw 10 treble/G clef on a staff paper per day/ 5 days.

4. Warm up with Voice CD #3-9.

5. Would you please set a set time for daily practice and let Ms. Agnes Know, thank you.


1. Lesson Book 1B page 15, make sure you’re playing Ab not A nutural.  8x per day.
2. Please set a regular schedule for practicing and inform Ms.Agnes.

3. Reminder for next week, we’ll go over theory book.


1. Draw 10 Treble/G clef per day, 5 days on staff paper.

2. Draw 10 half notes of middle C per day/ 5 days.

3. Warm up with Voice CD #3-9.

4. Technique: Sing VACCAI page 3 measure 1-8.

5. Bring flash cards & theory book, color pencil, rulers, and color pens (at least 4 different colors)
Enjoy your practice journey!!!!

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