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Inspiration of the day! Happy 4th everyone!

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded an original song! To tell you the truth I was so swamped with musical theater productions this year that I didn’t have the time to write. I was able to find time to write this song however. I’m really proud of this one and I think that you guys will really like it. I wrote this specifically for my sister Hailey, but it’s also for anyone that has felt insecure, out of place, like they don’t belong, not pretty enough, or if they’ve had mean words said to them. I would love it if you could send this video to anyone you know that needs some words of encouragement. It’s my hope that I can help some people feel better about themselves. Thank you so much for watching!


Plague us all
Until we are destined to fall
but I know a better place
leave not another trace
of those thoughts in your head.

Some may say
that who you are is wrong
but I say
please stay strong
cause I know there’s another side
of this thing that we call life
Please wait a little longer

So look in the mirror
do you see what I see?

You’re worth it, perfect
nothing short of a little bit crazy
I admit, but that’s ok.
You’re cute, adorable, funny, and sweet
without all those things you’d be incomplete
and let me say something to you,
you’re beautiful.

Don’t let anyone
tell you you’re not enough
cause you are
a diamond in the rough
and I know one day you’ll shine
just give it a bit more time
don’t give up just yet

Who you are
is perfect to me
stay the same, just believe
that no matter what other people say
you’re wonderful in every way
greet the brand new day.

Did you look in the mirror
Do you see what I see?


So show all the haters that they are wrong
show them all that you are strong
let them know you’re not backing down
let them know that you wear the crown
stand up and say

You’re worth it, perfect
nothing short of a little bit crazy

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