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Get Inspired for the holiday: Gabby La La, is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (including sitar, ukelele, accordion, theremin and toy piano), signed to Prawn Song Records.

Gabby La La started studying and playing piano when she was five years old. She kept switching instruments, guitar, accordion, sitar, ukulele and theremin until she realized that she had the tools to create her own music. She studied with Ali Akbar Khan for 8 years, then received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sitar Performance from the California Institute of the Arts. La La is a founding member of dAKAH Symphonic Hip Hop Orchestra, and played with Weapon of Choice, and J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science, while continuing her studies of Indian classical music. La La toured in the U.S. with Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains in late 2004 as an opening act in their national tour, which included stops at venues like The Warfield Theater in San Francisco.[2]

After this tour, Gabby La La released her first solo studio album entitled Be Careful What You Wish For… on Les Claypool’s Prawnsong Records. She was the second non-Primus act to be signed to the label. This album featured Gabby on sitar, ukulele, accordion, theremin and vocals and Les Claypool on bass, drums and percussion. The two produced the album at Rancho Relaxo Studios, beginning with Gabby La La’s concepts and lyrics.[1][3]

To promote the album, La La and Claypool performed at Bonnaroo Music FestivalAll Good Music FestivalWakarusa Music and Camping FestivalJoe’s Pub in New York City, and the Jammy Awards at Madison Square Garden. La La also toured for several years as an official member of Les Claypool’s Fancy Band.

La La has also toured with Morcheeba,[4] Marco Benevento,[5] Particle,[6] The Sippy Cups,[7] and Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players.[8]

La La’s second album, I Know You Know I Know, was released on February 18, 2011 and features songs about “School Days”. This album was produced and performed entirely by Gabby La La, using a Pink Nintendo DS Lite, sitar, ukulele, theremin and voice.

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