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Assignment update June 30th

For All:

1)If you have pic & video from the last showcase that you want me to post on our blog, please email me.

2)Find the key and secret in practice especially when you are starting to get tired of or bored of the same routine, homework is to share with me what you created in making the same routine fun and exciting!

3)Please let me know how many tickets you’re purchasing for August 27th, 2011 Summer Fun Recital.

4)Have a great 4th of July weekend, take time off to play and celebrate, no practice on vacation!!!!


Step 1:  Warm up with Voice CD #3 to #9 daily, first thing in the morning. Focus on intonation and breath control.

Step 2: Pg. 29 on Phantom, do it with music/ karaoke track.  Focus on last page, start at the top of the last page to lead into the last highest note, Jaw drop 2 fingers technique, and inhale with an “O” with fingers feeling vocal chord drops to sing the high notes.  Do it infront of the mirror to check mouth, vowel shaping, Jaw open 2 fingers vertically (at least).


1)Get a nice folder to store your loose sheet music paper….

2)Start making the French more fluid in La Vie En Rose (14 times per day going over the French with notes)

3)Lost in the Stars, memorize.

4)Warm up with Voice CD before singing any songs….


1)Warm up with Voice CD

2)Lip Trills and Sing on the vowel “u” for O Cessate Di Piagarmi”, then sing in Italian. Work on breathing for the second page….

3)Japanese Song.


1)Warm up with Voice CD #3-9 daily, before singing any songs.

2)For “Where I Stood” focus on intonation and getting familiar with the bridge part, 5x-10x per day.

3)Flat on the Floor, a great song for future competition, start thinking about movement.

4)Bring Karaoke track for “Flat on the Floor” by next Thursday July 7th.

1)Practice conducting 3/4 times 6 times 5 days/wk. Straight down for 1, half circle to the right for 2, curve up for 3!
2)Theory Book P2 #1 practice 2X each line.
3)Make Flash Cards for dotted half note= 3 beats. whole note=4 beats.
4)Vocalize & Warm up with the voice CD #3~9 daily, first thing in the morning!

1) Bring an Assignment book for homework.
2) C Maj RH going up pattern: 123,1234 RH down pattern: 4321,321
LH up pattern: 4321,321 LH down pattern: 123,1234
3)Zizinha By Ernesto Nazareth, practice trills-think light like feathers
1st four measures hands separate
Left hand- one 1e&a rhythm
4)Bring CD of Zizinha
5)Adjust the bench sit forward back straight shoulders down, hips in the middle of bench, knuckles curved, elbows down.

1)Practice sight singing exercise
2)Google Community Theatres local auditions, list 5!
3)Look over Se tu ma’mi for next week’s class.
4)Practice with vocal CD #3-9 daily, best if it’s done first thing in the morning before any other tasks.
5)Bring digital recorder or computer for class recording.
6)Reserch on taking up piano lesson to be able to play your part while you sing…


1)Get the 24 Italian Art Songs by Schermer’s Library, same publishing as VACCAI

2)Bring Computer to record class session

3)Warm up with Voice CD first thing in the morning.

4)Reminder for next class: Use number/Solfege for sight sing. Practice sight sing 6X per day/5 days.


1)Warm up with warm up CD daily #3-9, focus on intonation, and breath control.

2)Get Karaoke Track for Price-Tag & Firework and bring Ms. Agnes a Copy of track.

3)Practice Price-Tag & Firework daily!


1)Go over checklist the day before class to make sure everything you need is in your music bag/folder.

2)Theory: Make 3 more flash cards on Primary Chords Pg. 3

3)Re-check the rest of Pg. 3

4)Performance Book: Pg. 2 Left hand only. Practice 11x per day/ 5 days.

All practice is like feeding us nutritious food, think of the result you’ll have out of these practices!!!  Enjoy!!!

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