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Ryan Francesconi, currently based in Portland, Oregon (but beloved to Bay Area listeners from his Berkeley, CA period and his association with Bay Area bands including The Toids and Trio Mopmu) is currently bicycling his way down the West Coast. We are delighted to lure him out of the saddle for what is sure to be an evening of incomparable music! Francesconi’s stock has soared of late as the main man on Joanna Newsom’s remarkable triple album “Have One On Me”. He arranged and played all over that stunning opus, as well as figuring centrally in its live incarnation and the “Ys Street Band” of Newsom’s previous record. But Francesconi does his own thing, too: he is an incredible composer for the acoustic guitar, and a recent Carnegie Hall show (opening for Joanna) confirmed he has that special talent for spellbinding any audience with just a six-string. Francesconi’s solo acoustic guitar creates a surprisingly rich sound that hints at his extensive musical interests – American bluegrass, Baroque lute music, traditional Bulgarian folk music, and jazz improvisation.

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